PBSci Computing Services

This site is specific to services offered for PBSci divisional computing needs.

There are references and links to other web pages located on the ITS web site that will assist you with more generalized help, e.g.Google apps, Gmail, Standard Desktop, etc.  If we determne from your request that a campus service will fit your needs we will inform you and assist with creating your request.

The following is a list of services offered within PBSci they are general for all departments.

Desktop/Laptop Support (there is the option of having the support center maintain your computer, it must meet the minimum configuration requirements located here: Standard Desktop Configuration  as well as the service offerings for standard desktop Standard Desktop Services.
  • Account management for various servers in the division.
  • Backup (software available, user initiated)
  • Computer support for research instrumentation
  • Consultation on hardware and software configurations
  • Server support both division and department
  • Desktop/Laptop (Support not under standard desktop support, see above)
  • File sharing services Owncloud
  • Graduate/Undergraduate Student labs (Math/Physics/Astronomy/Biology)
  • High Performance Computing resources
  • Imaging of computer/research equipment (hard drive cloning)
  • Operating System installation (windows, mac, linux)
  • Networking (DNS/DHCP for EPS and local wireless)
  • Printing Support (install, configure, troubleshoot)
  • Scientific software support (e.g. Matlab, Mathematica, SPSS, etc)
  • UNIX/Linux Server Support including security configuration
  • VPN access - Virtual Private Network
  • Web hosting and Content Management System (CMS) access

For Ocean, Earth and Planetary Science and IMS, IGPP please visit:

Planetary and Marine Science Support Site

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