Owncloud Local Cloud Storage with Sync and Share Capabilities

PBSci now has a local cloud storage system called Owncloud.  This storage behaves like Dropbox in many ways.

This is a link to the user manual for reference. note: not all features are enabled like calendar, contacts... since Google covers these

The purpose of the storage is to hold documents that you need to protect and have access from any location.

Note:  It is not for storage of experiment data, although small amounts placed here for easy transfer and access at other locations can be useful.

Some Features:

  • Secure encrypted connection.
  • File sync apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and your Desktop.
  • Web interface to manage your files, e.g. images, MS Documents, pdf files.
  • 20GBs of storage per user (can be increased by request).
  • Upload files up to 1GB in size.
  • Share files with other Owncloud clients.
  • Local protected private storage housed in PSBci.
  • Accessible from anywhere via web or file sync app
  • Groups so you can share between group members
  • Note: not all features have been activated in our instance of Owncloud.

How do I get access?

  • Contact us via the form below
  • Accounts are setup as your Cruzid, unless you request a group account.
  • We set an initial password which we will send to you
  • We strongly recommend that you reset it to your blue password for convenience on personal accounts.
Please indicate in the comment section if you are interested in creating a group.  A group can include as many other users of OwnCloud.

You can share files with anyone else on Owncloud, Groups allow you to share with a given set of people in that group.


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